What are the advantages of ximayun classroom products?

Computer is a necessary product for modern study and life. The computer room is a necessary place for the school to teach computer knowledge. The computer room of the school has experienced more than 30 years of development since it started in the late 1980s. Due to the complexity of software and hardware of computer equipment, the management, application and maintenance of the computer room has always been a considerable workload and difficulty for the school.

In recent years, computer room cloud desktop cloud management has sprung up, and various schemes and technologies such as VDI, IDV, voi, RDS and super integration have come out one after another. They all claim to greatly reduce the difficulty of computer room application and management. It is difficult for ordinary computer professionals and technicians to fully understand the specific principles and details of these technical schemes. How can their own schemes be prominent when they work hard to introduce the differences of various technical schemes to users, Teachers of ordinary users are often confused.

Various schemes have specific cases, but they all have their own shortcomings. The application occasions are wrong. Some technical schemes also cause serious losses to users. The products of a well-known brand with almost the highest market share in the general education computer room have been sold for hundreds of millions. The educational reform requires children to learn some basic programming such as python. As a result, the newly purchased equipment can not operate, which is seriously stuck. There are many other problems such as poor compatibility of peripherals, non-compliance with computer test requirements, non support for 3D, non support for concurrent heavy computing, poor software compatibility, high computer technology level required by administrators, etc. users know that they can't use it until they purchase it. It's really helpless.

The core demands of users should be:

1) Simple and convenient: simple and convenient management and maintenance, what software installation and software and hardware fault recovery can be completed with one click and foolishness, without learning any server and virtualization technology.

2) Stable and reliable, high equipment integrity rate, redundant measures in case of failure, which will not affect class, and software and hardware faults are easy to repair.

3) Good compatibility: no software and hardware compatibility problems, any software and peripherals can be used.

4) Fast running: the fastest running speed, not lower than the standard PC.

5) Widely used: it can be used as computer test equipment.

The products developed by Xima technology fully meet the four points of "simple and convenient, stable and reliable, good compatibility and fast operation". Teachers can attend classes easily and effectively ensure teaching business.